Min. Babino

  As a very young child Kenneth showed an interest in musical instruments that resulted in his parents buying, at first, an inexpensive guitar. When they became aware that he was actually learning to play the guitar, they bought him a more expensive guitar/amp combination and watched as he improved his ability to play while listening to songs on the radio. Before long he was able to play practically every song that he would hear, and he started asking his parents for other instruments.

  It was then that his love for music was seen as something more than just a childhood phase and he continued to get other instruments that he asked his parents for. By age 11 he helped form his first band and by the time he was 16 he was able to play both rhythm and bass guitar, drums and percussions, keyboards, violin, flute, saxophone, and he was developing as a lead vocalist.

  Later, helping to form another band and performing regularly for local events and competitions, his dad decided to become the band's manager, and over the next several years his true passion for music and performing was cultivated as the band traveled playing gigs locally and across state lines virtually every weekend during his High School years.

  After being introduced to a recording studio by a military band mate, he began experimenting with recording and mixing techniques, and still now has the love for the studio which he first felt a long time ago. He plays all instruments on his recordings and, with his wife Crystal, does all vocals.

  Being raised in a Christian family he always acknowledged God as the giver of his musical gifts and abilities, as with all of his life experiences. He has unlimited stories from performing with bands while traveling the world and making friends, many with whom he currently stays in touch.

  He accepted the call on his life into the Preaching ministry and with God's guidance he and Crystal continue to write/arrange/record/produce songs that are inspired by the Word of God.