As soon as I pulled up I could hear the sound of music, laughter and conversation, blaring from the back entrance of the Jefferson Theater where Minister Kenneth Babino and family were inside preparing for his "I Wanna Praise You" album release concert due to take place in only a few short hours.Prepared to capture photos of this moment of excitement and anticipation, I stepped through the narrow entrance of the theater with my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera in hand. The instant that my Chuck Tailored feet touched the theater floor, a smile began to tug at the corners of my lips. I hadn't been inside the theater a full thirty seconds yet and had already succumbed to the contagious vibes that saturated the atmosphere; vibes of joy, warmth and Genuine Love. All things of the Holy Spirit. I climbed the few stairs up the stage and began snapping away photos of the musicians as they fine tuned their instruments for the show. As I captured images of them, I couldn't help but feel the energy exuding from them. Their energy made me feel as if tonight was going to be a night of soul cleansing, hand clapping, foot stomping praise!!!And as I stood at the side of the stage nearly four hours later, snapping photo after photo, I realized that my feeling had been right. The energy filling the air in the Jefferson Theater was high enough to blow the roof off the place! The band was rocking, background singers were singing with the harmony of angels, and Minister Babino was crooning his ministry with a voice that could be described as nothing less than highly anointed.I stopped snapping photos for a while and gazed out into the portion of the audience I could see from where I stood, and witnessed as they swayed their bodies from right to left, clapped their hands, and grooved to the soul moving sound coming from the stage in front of them. WOW!!! You would've had to have been there in order to feel the depth of what I am describing to you in this post.The thing that stood out to me the most was how everyone on the stage was so full of joy. There smiles were as radiant as the neon lights illuminating the stage from above them. (LOL) From the way they sang, played, and danced you could just tell that they were having a wonderful time making a joyful noise unto the Lord. Minister Babino was definitely in the groove. His voice was explosive, yet smooth and soulful. His every word could be felt. Every song on Minister Kenneth Babino's album is incredible. From track 1 (Ever Need Any Kind) to track 12 (Here Is My Life pt.2). However, my personal favorite would have to be Track 7 (Here is My Life pt.1). This song touches on something that, unless you are head over heels in love with God, is very difficult to do, and that is, Give full control of your life over to God. Over smooth composition and with a beautiful, heavenly anointed voice, Minister Babino asks God to come into his life and completely make him over.All in all, the night was a complete success. I'm certain everyone that was in attendance will agree with me when I say that we had an awesome time with a man of God who is truly worthy of his calling. Thanks for allowing me to come along Minister Babino. May God bless you and your family in abundance. If you missed the concert you missed an extravagant experience, however you can still experience Minister Kenneth Babino's ministry of music. Just log onto, iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify and many more music download sites and purchase his album titled " I Wanna Praise You". I promise you that it will change your life.Story by Minister Randy QueenThejourneyvision.orgGenuine Love Photography(” - Minister Randy Queen (thevisionjournalist)


  Southeast Texas native Min. Kenneth Babino is no stranger to the music scene, with years of local to international performances under his belt. Min. Babino is set to release his debut single "Ever Need Any Kind" from his freshman gospel album "I Wanna Praise You." The single is scheduled to release to the public on Friday, May 16, 2014. "Ever Need Any Kind" will be available through more than 35 digital sites including iTunes, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Amazon, Google Play and more.  "Ever Need Any Kind" was written and performed by Min. Babino and wife Crystal who also has a passion for gospel music. The single was inspired by their love for God as well as Scripture-driven. The duo, who both wrote and performed the entire album, will release the full album in Summer 2015 on their independently owned label Power and Authority Records. The album will feature inspirational music to empower listener's lives.  Working with music from an early age and being blessed to perform as lead vocalist and musician locally and opening for countless major acts, Min. Babino is now positioned to move forward with his personal journey with Christ. "I have always felt you should understand what God is calling you to do and just do it, never acting without thought, but letting your actions glorify God. We're excited by the amazing support and encouragement this single is receiving" states Min. Babino.” - Tamika C. Humphrey

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